Monday, May 13, 2013

Top 6 Looks from Mad Men S6 E7: Man with a Plan

We’re finally back from vacation, little birds!  We’ve barely had time to unpack our suitcases, so there won’t be any/much unpacking of what happened on last night’s Mad Men episode, directed by good ol’ Roger Sterling himself, “Man with a Plan.”  Suffice it to say we really enjoyed the episode, unusually full of humor and as usual, full of cringeworthy moments.

Our favorites:

  • Roger firing Burt AGAIN and somehow making it even better than the last time.
  • Meredith explaining ascending order.
  • Pete lying to his mother about what month it is because he’s the WORST SON EVER.
  • Peggy on Don’s ringing phone: “Do you want me to get that?”
  • Don playing some kind of power game with Sylvia and then losing.
  • Bob Benson isn’t the worst?
  • Ted making Don flip the fuck out flying his plane.

Top 6 Looks:

6. Clara’s Dutiful Delivery Outfit

We only got a glimpse of Clara’s fun ruffled shirt with matching skirt, but we both loved it. Down to the necklace and earrings, she is rocking a full on bright melon (color?), and looks a little like Zooey Deschanel doing it. We have a soft spot for Clara, since she puts up with Pete’s bullshit day in and day out, and we loved her super sixties outfits this week. She’s not as flashy (slutty) as Scarlet, but she is definitely looking professional. She erred a little on the side of old and conservative with her pastel vest and super long collar later in the episode, but we’re pulling for her and her color schemes.

5. Peggy’s Plaid Merger Coat

Girlfriend has really been splurging on coats this year, huh?  Don’t think that we’re complaining because we love it. We are big fans of plaid in general, and although the powder blue isn’t her best look, Peggy’s power trenches are great. We’re also loving the little cream beret with a bow. It adds a little touch of softness and innocence to a great look. Peggy is habitually guilty of dressing like a much older woman, a little dowdy and sometimes pretty damn plain, but when she works it, we’re so happy to see it! This isn’t her greatest or sexiest look, but we really feel like Peggy has arrived on the scene, and is coming back to the old office a new, and more powerful woman.  

4. Joan’s Complexion-Matching Coat

Poor Joan had a rough episode, and her fantastic green coat matched her trashcan puking condition. Even in the emergency room, Joan looks like a million bucks, and Anya looooved her shoes. The scarf pulls it all together, and Joan is rocking the blue and green scheme we’ve been seeing so much of this season. She looks dynamite for someone who feels so bad, and we were interested to see an emergency room scene that echoed the lawnmower/foot fiasco, but with Bob Benson standing in for Don, especially since Bob and Don are so very different.

3. Ted’s Aviation Experience

As soon as we saw Ted’s fantastic leather aviator jacket with the sheepskin collar, we were sold. This was a great scene in many ways, and watching Ted win a round with Don was kind of rewarding after we suffered with Peggy when Don drank him under the table. Anya said “all he needs are the glasses” and twenty seconds later she was rewarded with his aviator lenses as they flew above the clouds. It’s so corny, but we loved it.

2. Sylvia the Hotel Harlot

Sylvia had a strange episode, ranging from borderline pathetic to surprisingly assertive. When Don demanded that she crawl for his shoes, we were afraid she would do it, but since she let him boss her around for whole episode anyway, it wasn’t much of a triumph that she didn’t literally get onto her knees. The whole time, it was pretty evident that she was entertaining his orders because it was a game to her, but when she finally broke things off with him, we were surprised and happy that she stuck with it. It’s nice to watch someone say “no” to Don, especially when he pleads. Since she was mostly naked, we did enjoy this hot little red dress delivery. We knew she wasn’t going anywhere in it, but it was fun to see Sylvia in something so bright and bold, since she’s usually dressed like a total mom. Megan would have looked terrible in the same dress, which added interest as well. Red is not her color.

1. Peggy’s Stern-Talking Suit

When Peggy scolded Don, we were totally rooting for her, but also distracted by her great suit. Peggy so often goes in the wrong direction with her outfits, but this was a power suit all the way. Loved the pattern on the skirt, loved the navy blue, and loved the buckles fastening the jacket. She looked like a sassy, bossy sailor. Even though it started as a kind of sad “please don’t be mean to my boss/your new partner/the object of my desire”, we loved that Peggy snapped at Don, said the words he should be living by “Move forward!” and left abruptly. Get it, girl. Can’t resist that Don was always wearing a navy suit, almost as if they’re equals!


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