Tuesday, September 24, 2013

More Weird Shit You Googled To Get Here

Again, thanks for stopping by. We really are glad you’re here, even if it is just to enjoy our merry collection of GIFs. We frequently look at our list of Google search terms to see just what you crazy kids are looking up to get to Minds Melding. Our favorite searches are the really specific soulmate-esque ones (e.g., “siblings or dating” or “royal dorgis”), but we also heartily enjoy the ones that are a little wonky, where we can see the connection, and remain puzzled but amused the ones that come from way out of left field. Please enjoy the following list of some recent favorites:

“game of thrones craigslist ad rental”

So… that happened.

“dreadful terror blogspot” (ouch, Google search engine, ouch.)

“paul rudd’s nose jewish”

“‘jake gyllenhaal’ 2013 jewish” (shockingly, his 2012 Judaism carried over into the new year)

“taco bowman”

No tacos here.

“is melding with a demon considered evil” (Um, fucking yes. You’re welcome.)

“possum/possums/baby possum” (prompting Anya’s “See?! We need MORE POSSUMS!”)

“ya novels special snowflake”

“quotes about relationshios irnage”

What is your life?

“prophets vitamin e8”

“melding with the twenyty somethings”

“'he said. she said: at it again'”

“jenna marbles witchcraft”

“passive aggressive mom”

“flirt hookups mat weeks” (???)

“did the queen of dragons exist”

“daenerys „dany“ targaryen shackled”

“sassy daenerys”

“sluttish wife rough”

“camilla gorgi nude” (Someone please tell us where this was headed)

“terrorist in your own backyard”

“betty draper butter”

No GIFs of Betty Francis chowing down dairy products to be found here.


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