Monday, April 22, 2013

Top 6 Looks from Mad Men S6 E4: To Have and to Hold

We are back to commitments this week.
Youthful Dawn, holding out for a marriage, while acting as maid of honor for her best friend, struggles to balance her commitment to her job with her personal relationships.  Less youthful but still fabulous Joan, is past her failed marriage but still struggling with the repercussions of her night with Herb, is facing challenges at every turn.  SCDP reels from their failed attempt to snare Heinz Ketchup, losing Baked Beans and Sauce in the process, proving that Don’s initial plan to stay loyal to Ray was a wise one (ah, the irony).  While Megan conducts an on screen affair, Don continues his real one with Sylvia, and isn’t doing a great job handling any of it. Peggy proves her commitment to Cutler, Gleason and Chaough (honestly, how the hell do we pronounce that? We keep saying “Cutler, Gleason and Chowwahg?), hurting her friendship with Stan in the process.

Obviously there’s a LOT to unpack, but that’s best left to our lunch hour. For you, we have compiled once again, our favorite snappy lines and even more snappy outfits. Enjoy!

Noteworthy Moments:
  • DAWN’S FRIEND: You know what, Dawn? You have another job which is being my maid of honor.
    DAWN: Well I can’t lose that one, can I?
  • BOB BENSON: How are things, Don?
    DON: *rolls eyes & walks away*
  • Widespread weed use. Bit much that Don was smoking in the office?
  • MEREDITH: How’re you?
    JOAN: Busy
  • Dawn had some great moments this episode.  We’re digging her Joan-esque (Can Dawn be her new protégé!?) sassafras!
    DAWN: You’re getting married... and dinner.
  • JOAN: I feel like I’m in high school, right down to the clientele.
    Nobody wants that.
  • ARLENE (on Don): I’m sure he’s a man who plays many roles.
    Ya got that right, girl.
  • Stan flipping Peggy the bird.. so fucking sad.

6. Stan’s Fringe Jacket

Never change, Stan.  We’ve liked Stan ever since he backed down from Peggy’s game of naked chicken.  He always pushes the limits on the dress code of the creative team, but usually it’s on the shlumpy end.  This rocking fringe jacket that Stan wears as he’s going to work on the secret “Project K,” is a nice change for him, and also serves this week’s unpopular selection based on our love of all things contrary.  We also wanted to point out that he wore Peggy’s power color from last season: mustard, to the Heinz pitch, where SCDP loses and Stan discovers that Peggy betrayed him. Ouch.

5. Sylvia’s Furstrosity

First of all, Sylvia is still listed as Velma (from Linda Cardellini’s much-lauded take on Scooby Doo’s resident brainiac) on all of the notes and articles-in-progress.  This was a whole lotta look, and while we do not condone animal fur for fashion, we cannot deny that the girl looks pretty good here in this dramatic, Cruella de Vil inspired getup.  We’re kind of surprised that Sylvia is still around, since we are still mostly bored by her, and her scenes with Don have become increasingly lackluster.  Is she going to stick around the whole season or is this ticking time bomb about to go off a hell of a lot sooner?

4. Scarlett’s Everything

The “new Joan” is back and... is really pissing the shit out of the actual Joan this episode.  Scarlett might have gotten fired and then rehired with a shaky future at the firm, but no matter what happens next, at least she gets to go home to a closet full of kickass swinging 60s clothes! She’ll never hold a candle to the unflappable, super capable, never cry in the office Joan we met in the first season, but gorgeous wardrobe nonetheless. We disagreed about her first sky blue outfit (Paul: Yay, Anya: Nay), but we are completely agreed upon the above two each being completely fabulous.  Loving her go-to white go-go boots.

3. Tim Jablonski’s Secret Meeting Suit

Tim Jablonski is apparently the name of the man we’ve just been calling Ketchup Guy.  We really dug the green plaid jacket and black and white paisley kerchief that he wore to the secret ketchup meeting in Pete’s New York home (or just home now, after getting the boot from Trudy last week).  Now that ketchup decided to go with Cutler, Gleason and Chaough, we’re not sure how much more we’ll be seeing of Tim, but we’ll always remember this class act who literally licked the wedding ring off his finger before his night out in the city.

2. Megan’s Business Dinner Dress

When Megan turns it out, she really turns it out.  This coral and gold combination seems to be her statement colors, that she throws on whenever she wants to make a powerful and glamorous impression.  Anya might getting a little tired of this kind of look, but Paul is completely in love with the volume of her hair and the heavy dragtastic makeup.  Another thing that deeply interested us about this scene was the fact that this was a business dinner for Megan, where Don was accompanying her.  The purpose of the dinner might have been to make Don more comfortable with the idea of Megan acting out an affair on television (and have some sexy swinging action), but this was a professional dinner between Megan and her co-workers, instead of their usual dynamic of Megan-as-arm-candy.

1. Joan’s Morning-After Magic

For somebody who had a long night out on the town, which resulted in her passing out in her bed with a ripped dress and her equally wrecked friend (the sight of which caused Gail to ask, “Do you need to throw up?”), girlfriend looks pretty damn good!  This has the standard Joan brooch and frippery around the neck and at the wrists, but we are digging the rarely-seen stark black and white on her.  We’re really feeling the coat and the leopard scarf tied to her purse.  We wished that we looked this put together after our nights of third-wheel taxi cab drinking!


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