Monday, April 1, 2013

Overheard in the Office II

Here we are again, to give you another dose of Overheard in the Office, although you’ll need more than a spoonful of sugar to swallow this load of crazy.  We were starting to worry that we hadn’t done a very good job at logging these exchanges and that we would quickly run out of material, but then we looked up from our desks and remembered exactly where we were.  Hopefully you’ll be able to paint an increasingly accurate picture of our co-workers with each entry until you’ve gotten to know them just as well as we have.  Misery does love company, after all.

“GTFO, Time Thieves, I’m on break!”

“Do you think those kids are terrorists?”
   -No Boundaries

“Honestly, when’s the last time Spent Supervisor worked the whole week?”
   -Faded Hippie

Pot, meet kettle.

“So in my house there’s like the bedrooms in the back, well you know, you’ve been there”
   -That Guy

“I’m almost positive that Frazzled Feminist hasn’t come in this morning, but there’s a mystery jacket hanging on the back of her chair? I’m fairly convinced she planted it so we’d think she was here.”

“I finished the stuff for the rapist, it’s like 15 pages and color, can I use our printer?”
   -Perturbing Peer
   - Spent Supervisor

Great use of the company’s time, money, and resources.

“The meeting I just got out of was so intense.  I haven’t felt that nervous since I went skydiving!”
    -Overzealous Hire

“No, no. This is for all of the times that you growled at me.”
    -Visiting Parent
“...but it was only three.”
    -Feral(?) Child

Interestingly enough, not the child who caused No Boundaries to debate calling Homeland Security.

“I think it is kind of nice to take a little time off after school to get your bearings straight, you know?  And what was it that you majored in again?”
    -Frazzled Feminist
*uncontrolled laughter*
    -Frazzled Feminist

And we are now going to close with an office-related quote from home.
Anya gets a paper cut at work, then another gash on the opposite hand, then a hangnail turned infection and is thus wearing three bandaids one evening. Her dad, who works in insurance and knows the insurance mandated dollar value of every finger, has this to offer:
“If you lose a hand it’s worth 250 weeks!”

Anakin, you’re breaking my heart... with your poor acting!


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