Friday, June 7, 2013

Overheard in the Office IV

We (along with the rest of the internet) have been having a bit of a rough week after Sunday’s “The Rains of Castamere” Game of Thrones episode, despite being as prepared as we could have been for it. Thankfully, our office cohorts are as delusional and/or amusing as ever. We hope that in celebrating their numerous... quirks, we can do our small part in bringing you all back from the brink of despair.

“But what about ice cream?! Or cheese!?”
    -Spacey Secretary (on the Paleo diet)

“It’s still bad to be Russian, after the Cold War.”
    -No Boundaries

“Give me yucky weather and I can get here on time!”
    -Faded Hippie

“My family is going there for dinner tonight, you’re more than welcome to come if you want. Haha! But really...”
    -That Guy

"I have done very little professionally since getting this job and having my daughter, I'd like to get back into it."
    -Frazzled Feminist (whose daughter is 2)

Wouldn't it be funny if you, me, and Anya all left at the same time? This place would just fall apart!”
    -Spent Supervisor

“Are you married? Do you have health insurance?”
    -Troubled Temp

"Can I get a snack?"
"I don't know, do you have money?"

Channeling mother of the year, Betty Francis.
“Sorry that I’m running late today, the rehab center by my house burned down.”
    -Overzealous Hire

“I don’t negotiate with terrorists.”
    -Married Guy (on unreasonable visitors)

“So was that a special someone or just a friend?”
    -No Boundaries
“...Just a friend.”
“Oh, that’s too bad! You know me, I’m always rooting for love.”
    -No Boundaries


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